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Last updated: 01/03/2024
Real hunk Arpad Miklos gets together with Alex Corsi (also known as Alex Baresi). These two
hairy boyz are made for one another, and these next wild rearstable videos shows exactly how much. They warm up with some swapping juicy suckjobs, then Arpad takes control pummeling Alex’s impressive, tight fuck hole. The desire flows just like sweat in a sauna room between these hot studs as they show us exactly how the big boys love to do it. And just what a remarkable demonstration this is! Enjoy as these hot bodies hammer their asses till they explode. By the end of this rearstable video you’ll be as exhausted as these two are.
Well here we are with yet another superb video that we think you will enjoy quite a lot for the whole afternoon. We had these two horny and hot hunks as they were working out in the gym and it seems that things just got too hot between them today. Take the time to watch them as they get around to suck and slurp on one another’s big cocks and then you get to see them kissing passionately as they ride each other’s firm dicks with those nice and tight asses. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and do make sure to check out the past updates for some more nice and hot galleries with horny studs! For similar videos, visit the Kristen Bjorn blog and see some muscled hunks fucking!


Rear stable – Race Cooper and Fabio Stallone

This couple of striking bearded rear stable guys gets to it straight out of the gate. Race Cooper with his wet lips worships the large cock of Fabio. Check out as Race drops tons of spit on Fabio’s stick and swallows it up continuously, till the positions reverse with hottie Race smashing his hips sharply into Fabio’s mouth. Ready for punishment in this wild and free rearstable video, Race gets bent over and Fabio abuse his fuckhole with intense, fast thrusts. Desiring Fabio go even deeper inside his arse, he loves it, just like the guys from the Male Kingdom blog, so Race flips over his back, pulls one knee up in mid air and opens his hole wider to Stallone’s power-fuck which finally has these two porn stars blasting their cum together. If you liked this video check out website and have fun watching other hot hairy guys riding big dicks!
We know that you guys were eager to see some more amazing and hot gay scenes and let’s just say that for this afternoon you will be in for a superb treat guys. Race as you can see is a fine black stud and he just adores white cock. He adores it so much that he was willing to let Fabio do anything that he wanted to him just to have a piece of that nice and big white meat. Usually you get to see the black guy be the alpha dude, but it seems that this one is a true man slut. Sit back and watch that nice and tight black ass fucked hard and deep by Fabio and see the dudes blowing their loads on one another by the end of it today.

Rearstable video – Tom & Ayden

Check out this next Rearstable video feat Tom Wolfe and well-built Ayden Marx kissing and go down on each other. As it happens these muscle hunks got a serious pair of big-boned tools. Ayden’s in a big hurry to go down on Tom and throw some crazy deepthroats. When the suck foreplay is over he bends him on his all fours, and becomes a real fuck machine. is one incredible, not to miss this hardcore scene. Next, Tom turns him onto his rear and empties his nut-sack across Ayden’s hairy chest. We know that you guys are really eager to see this superb show go down so let’s not delay any longer and see them in action.

You got to see both of these guys previously in our scenes but never together. We wondered how would a scene with just them turn out and well, you can see the results right here. And we’re sure that you will agree, that they are quite hot, just like the guys from! Once the cameras started to roll, it seemed that there would be nothing you could do to keep the guys off each other’s nice and big cocks. You get to see them sucking and slurping on each other’s cocks and licking those nice buttholes as well for the afternoon. Enjoy this nice and hard core gay fuck video today and as always come back next week for another amazing and hot update just like usual! Also you might visit the site and see some cute guys getting their sexy asses spanked!

Military Derek and Damien

Derek and Damien, two furry and sexy straight guys get naked and fiercely making out on these next rearstable galleries. Serious rub downs, some man kisses and big cocks are the order until Derek gets things a bit more interesting by going down on his partner, rimming his furry butt hole. Then, the hardcore action takes a turn and Derek’s butt is in mid air taking a rough pounding from Damien’s enormous cock. Once Derek comes he gets on his all fours for a dirty facial. No way you want to miss this update, especially when you get to see two such horny and sexy burly guys fucking hard style just for you.


Again these two had some issues to resolve as to which one would get to be the alpha male, but in the end they worked it all out and what came out was a really amazing and hot little fuck scene. Do take your time to see Derek and Damien as they spend the whole afternoon having nice and hard anal sex just for your military classified entertainment everyone. We think that you will love seeing them exchange places as they take their spot on the leather table and then they spread their legs nice and wide, so that the other guy can reach nice and deep in his fine and tight ass. Have fun with this update and see you next week for another amazing and fresh fuck scene!

Watch these two hairy dudes screwing till they both cum!

Pure Hardcore Sex

Muscle, muscle and much more muscle instantly fills your monitor in the next rearstable free video feat. two hot guys, Trenton and Rafael. The video starts with Trenton on his knees engulfing Rafael’s massive dick with his craving mouth. Of course, Rafael replies with a master class cocksucking. They all want more, so, Trenton bends his partner over the table and plows on that tight hole till he shoots out a serious jizzload; Rafael comes after with two substantial squirts of jizz. No way you can miss the next rearstable hardcore action. Again one show that you should do your best not to miss as it’s full of awesome fuck scenes just for you to see. These muscled guys are the proudly owners of some extra big dicks!

The two ripped guys said that they always love to spend the afternoons fucking and this was no different. It seems so and we think that you will enjoy watching this hot scene with them Take some time to relax and see the two studs nailing each other’s asses for this superb and fresh fuck scene. The thing is that both of them just like to take their time fucking, so you can bet that you will be in for a nice and fresh passionate fuck scene with two very lovely studs today. So just sit back and enjoy the gay sex, and do come back next week for some more amazing galleries like always. Bye bye everyone and see you guys soon with some more! If you liked this scene click here and watch other great gay sex videos! Have fun!

rearstabl hunks sucking and fucking

See these real studs fucking each other senseless!

Explosive rearstable encounter

Alexander is looking raunchy in his flannel shirt and with his cowboy hat, and Jessie is dangerous in his motorcycle outfit. However the clothes do not meter in this free rearstable video update as Jessie soon gives Alexander’s cock the suck job of his existence. In no time big dicked Alexander launches a wild ass ramming on Jessie till he erupts and covers his cute face with a creamy white load. If you enjoyed this fresh video update and you want to see some sexy twinks tortured and hard ass fucked, cum inside blog. See you soon with more amazing content, but for now just take your time to see two hunks having fun.


As another fresh week started there was no way that we would pass up the opportunity to show off the pair today. These guys were just too good and their scene came out amazing. Both of them like to be the alpha male when fucking, and it was fun to see them arguing a bit before any penetration commenced on who would be the receiving end. Well the guy with the short buzz cut ended up in that role and you can bet that his ass was going to get a nice stretching. Watch the other guy fuck him nice and deep with his nice and hard cock and enjoy as he gets to moan in pleasure with the nice and huge cock ramming his ass hard style today!

Watch this muscular stud nailing his partner up the ass!

Rear stable – One on One

Lucky Rich gets teamed up with manly Andrew Justice on his very first hardcore rear stable scene. Rich wastes absolutely no time and gets down on his knees and offers Andrew’s big cock an impressive suckjob. He shoves his tool down that tight throat again and again making it rock hard, and ready for his craving ass. Because he is not ready for the fucking he warms up Rich’s hole with his skilled tongue, getting it wet and loose for his tool. Whit with his legs in mid air Andrew pounds him hardcore style, stretching his tight hole to the limits. Slutty Rich loved every minute of this free rearstable video and is sure you’ll do to. And if you liked this scene and you are looking for similar videos, check out blog and have fun! Bye!

So this fine day you get to enjoy a nice and passionate fuck shared by two very passionate and horny guys. They sure took their time to play nice and hard and you would get to see it all today anyway. Rich and Andrew sure make a pretty nice pair and we think that we will always be pairing them together from now on after the superb sexual performance that they had together. Just take your time and enjoy as Rich gets to take a nice and hard ride on his new fuck buddy’s hard cock as they spend the afternoon together today. We’ll be seeing you guys next week with some more superb and sexy scenes guys. If you want to see other horny studs riding cocks, enter the site!

rearstable guys fucking each other senseless

Watch these sexy studs nailing their buttholes!

Cops Gone Bad

Filthy punk rock Sky Donovan has returned in jail and is about to be questioned by bad Officer Michael Brandon. Seeing this crazy rearstable video makes you question why gay hunks like Sky Donovan are not in jail forever. He is dangerous and grosse and tries to charm his way thru his daily life with his nice smile and some pack of lies. Officer Michael Brandon sees thru all these,and in no time Sky Donovan is handcuffed on the floor, with a hard baton up the ass. In this super sexy and amazing fuck Michael win his 2nd GAYVN Performer of the year! Sky’s asshole is actually split wide open within the power of Brandon’s 11 inch cock. poor, Sky moans for some help yet Brandon plows on till the poor bastard punk rocker collapses in his own squalor. They all get what they deserve!

Well anyway, this nice and hot afternoon brings you an amazing and hot little video with this guy taking himself a really nice and hard ass fucking from two other studs. Sit back and enjoy as he gets to present his nice and fine butt for the fuck of a lifetime from this cop, and enjoy. The thing is that this lawman gets to do anything he wants to to this stud and he has no say in it. Not that he minded the cock sucking and ass fucking that he got today. Sit back and see him sucking the cop’s nice and big cock and then bending over for a cavity check that the officer performs with his big cock.

Rearstable orgy

Rearstable real did it with the next update. Muscular Jesse Santana’s excellent cock is released for this video and meets Ty Roderick and Derek. Jesse gets his fist around Derek balls and thrusts them inside Ty’s craving mouth for an excellent tonguing before the raunchy face-fuck begins. Jesse returns the favor and the sweaty sex action shifts into a higher gear as Derek together with Jesse double up on Ty’s old handsome gay cock. Jesse’s butthole needs some action really bad, and he sits back to allow Ty’s hard pole in. Jesse takes Ty’s hard pile driving just like a real champ as sucking on Derek’s male tool. Next they shift positions, in this Rearstable orgy and Ty and Jesse form an excited team, and Derek gets at the receiving end. See these horny guys going crazy in a messy jizz-fest!

Well this is one nice and sexy little gay threesome that we believe all of you will just love. And mainly because like we said, we had Jesse, Ty and Derek fucking. First off you get to see the sexy Ty as he lays on his back and takes care of the other two guys and their nice and big cocks as he eagerly sucks and slurps on those nice and big dicks. Then the guys are in the mood for some more good stuff so they start taking turns to fuck his nice and tight ass with their big cocks all rock hard. Enjoy the sexy stud Ty getting himself double fucked by his two friends today and see his ass stretched nice and thorough for the whole update today. Also you can enter the maverick men site and see some hot hunks getting their tight asses hammered!


Enjoy as this horny dude gets a rough fuck at both ends!

Rearstable – use him like a tool

Hard working Charlie delivers sandbags to his college Jason. That how the next free rearstable gallery starts. Charlie, this cute blond with a rugged face and hot body, sizes up his coworker, Jason, a darkly furred and olive-skinned worker. It’s really not long before their work turn into hot muscular guys scorcher sex. Charlie pulls Jason and his hand slides under the waist of Jason’s trousers, and his shaking says to you just when Charlie’s fingers starts touching his asshole. The next thing you see is a fat cock riding Jason’s ass. Charlie jams his tool up Jason’s butt making Jason spit his load on his belly just before Charlie offers him the facial that he craves. This rear stable update end with Jason swallowing Charlie’s throbbing cock one more time, licking its slick coat of jizz.

rearstable gay man takes a rough hammering

Well either way for this fine day today you will be in for some superbly nice and hot scenes with horny studs as they fuck one another nice and hard in the ass as well. So for this nice afternoon you get to take your time and see two very horny hunks as they take their time to penetrate those eager and cock hungry butts for the afternoon today. Do watch as Jason gets himself bent over and fucked hard style from behind by his fuck buddy today. We bet that you will absolutely adore this anal sex action that went down and you should stick around for when we’ll have some more next week. We will be seeing you then with another superb update everyone. Wanna see some muscled guys sounding their big cocks? If you do, click here and have fun!

See these hunks hammering their asses till they explode!

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