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Military Derek and Damien

Derek and Damien, two furry and sexy straight guys get naked and fiercely making out on these next rearstable galleries. Serious rub downs, some man kisses and big cocks are the order until Derek gets things a bit more interesting by going down on his partner, rimming his furry butt hole. Then, the hardcore action takes a turn and Derek’s butt is in mid air taking a rough pounding from Damien’s enormous cock. Once Derek comes he gets on his all fours for a dirty facial. No way you want to miss this update, especially when you get to see two such horny and sexy burly guys fucking hard style just for you.


Again these two had some issues to resolve as to which one would get to be the alpha male, but in the end they worked it all out and what came out was a really amazing and hot little fuck scene. Do take your time to see Derek and Damien as they spend the whole afternoon having nice and hard anal sex just for your military classified entertainment everyone. We think that you will love seeing them exchange places as they take their spot on the leather table and then they spread their legs nice and wide, so that the other guy can reach nice and deep in his fine and tight ass. Have fun with this update and see you next week for another amazing and fresh fuck scene!

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